Welcome to

LJA Nails & Spa

Thank you for visiting our nail Salon in Houston, TX 77070! Our mission is to help you feel welcome and relaxed as we help you create your most awesome self! So, rest assured, the moment you walk into our nail salon, you are entering a space of unpretentious coolness where cleanliness is paramount. You will be greeted by the biggest bunch of stylist nerds you have probably ever met and we will do our best to create magical chemistry on your strands. We work under 3 H’s elements as below:

- Hands: we promise to process all features with our hardworking hands

- Head: we promise to perform all procedures with our clear head

- Heart: we promise to serve you with all our hearts

Please have a seat and our staff will assist you right away!

You have a beautiful day!

From Deluge Beautee LLC

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